Blueberry and sour cream loaf cake

Today I made something completely different for me – Blueberry & Sour Cream Loaf Cake. Usually I bake sponges and small treat cakes, so making a loaf cake is outside of my comfort zone.

Blueberry and sour cream loaf cake, big cakes

Personally, I think it went very well, and the food critics in the family (Mum & Dad!) seem to think so too.

When I started I came across a bit of a problem. For this recipe you need a 2lb tin. I only had a 3lb tin or a 1lb option. I decided to go for the 3lb tin, which meant that I had to half the ingredients and then add that on to the amount in the recipe (good job I love maths!).

I was about to put the mixture into the tin when I realised that it was very wet and so called Mum down. She explained to me that I may not have done the calculations correctly for all of the ingredients and that’s when I remembered I hadn’t increased the quantities of the sugar and flour. Mum to the rescue yet again! So I added in the extra sugar and flour – which luckily didn’t seem to have an effect on the end result.

The cake had a beautiful light texture. The blueberries gave a strong taste, but not an overpowering one, and the sour cream kept it nice and moist. It’s almost like a blueberry muffin only a lot bigger and with a few more ingredients! If you do decide to bake this though, be sure to NOT use a whisk or machine because it won’t have the same kind of lightness than it would by hand.

Here is the recipe reproduced from Good Housekeeping magazine July 2013 edition


50ml Vegetable Oil
2 medium eggs
200ml sour cream
2tsp vanilla extract
200g self-raising flour
175g caster sugar
125g blueberries

For the crumble topping

15g unsalted butter (cubed)
40g plain flour
15g Demerara sugar


2lb loaf tin
Baking paper or greaseproof paper(to line the tin)
Wire rack

Preheat the oven to 180°C (160°C fan). Grease the 2lb tin all around with butter and then put the baking paper in so that it covers the bottom part of the tin.

First you need to make the crumble topping in a medium sized bowl. (Confession time: I put margarine in the crumble not unsalted butter. Please make sure you do not make the same mistake otherwise it won’t be as crunchy as it could be!)

Put your cubed butter in the bowl before sifting the flour on top. Then get your fingers in (clean, of course!) and rub it together till it’s all rubbed in and crumbly. Then you add the sugar. (The sugar will give it a nice sweet taste). Mix it all together with a spoon until all combined.

In a jug or big bowl mix eggs, sour cream, oil and vanilla until all as one (combined). Then in a separate bowl stir together sifted flour and sugar. Add your wet mixture to it in sections. (TheBakerKid tip: Do not pour all of the wet mixture into the dry mixture because it will make it a very claggy mixture which will have an effect on its looks and taste). If there are a few lumps in the mixture, do not worry because a few lumps are good in something like this.

Carefully fold in ¾ of the blueberries into the mixture and fold them in nicely so that you can only just see them. Then pour your mixture into the tin and tap the tin on a worktop to level out. Add the crumble and the remaining blueberries to the top before putting in oven.

Bake for 50 minutes before using a skewer and pushing it in SLOWLY. If it comes back out clean then your cake is baked! However if it comes out dirty put it back in the oven for another 5 before checking it again. Keep checking until your skewer is clean. Once cooked leave to cool in tin for ten minutes before taking out and putting on a wire rack.


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