Part Two: Finishing off Vanilla Cupcakes

Cupcakes, thebakerkid

Cupcakes – just out of the oven

So, they’ve come out of the oven now what?

Well, you can put pretty much anything inside vanilla cupcakes (that’s the joy of vanilla!) from jam to chocolate sauce to lemon curd, as well as decorating the top with icing. But don’t forget you have to cool them before you do anything, so after 5 minutes to rest in the baking tray transfer them to a non stick cooling wire.

Personally, I like adding raspberry jam dusting with icing sugar. But you might prefer something else…

Here are some pictures for my method:

I use a table knife usually to scoop out the middle. I did experiment with a special cupcake corer but I think I prefer just doing it by hand with a knife. I will share the results of using the corer in a post soon.
Take care not to put too much jam in – or the top won’t fit on. But also remember not to push the top back on too hard – I’ve made that mistake and it wasn’t pretty!
And the final result is finished with off with a dusting of icing sugar. I use a special sugar shaker, which I recommend you getting too – it’s a lot less messy, and easier to control how much comes out (well, within reason!)

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