Jam Tarts

Jam Tarts are usually one of the easiest things to bake. But not when you’re multiprocessing because your trying to make a cherry and almond tart!

Roll out the pastry to about 1/2 cm (but no thicker). Try not to press too hard when rolling or the pastry will stick to the surface.

You don’t need to grease the bun tin but you need to check the size so you can choose the right cutter. You  can use a biscuit cutter- usually crinkled or smooth, but you can use fun shapes like stars (these work very well for mince pies!)

Only add a small amount of jam to each tart. The high sugar content  can make the jam boil and then it becomes chewy.

My Nana told me when the jam tarts come out of the oven she immediately puts some more jam in so that you get even more, yippee, and that it makes the jam not go chewy. ( Plus all the more to enjoy for me!)

Put in the oven for about 15 minutes before putting aside to cool

I love jam tarts and these were no exception. So much so i forgot to take a picture of them!


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