Cake and Bake Show

What is the Cake and Bake Show all about?

The Cake and Bake Show is now in its second year. You can probably guess from the name, what you can expect. There are about 150 stalls all (or should I say mostly) about baking.

There are stalls with decorating things like royal icing or sprinkles. There are stalls with cutters for your biccies. There are even stalls that sell you ready made mixtures so that you can just go home and start straight away. So in answer to the question the cake and bake show is all about showing off the stuff you can use for baking and of course, tempts you to part with your money (which is no bad thing if you’re a serious fan of baking like me!)

What did I enjoy most?

That’s not a hard question to answer. It had to be going to the cake kitchen (which is one of the demo sections) and watching Mark Tilling talk about chocolate. Now I’ve got to admit, I don’t like chocolate however this was most fascinating and I really enjoyed it. Before going, I didn’t even know who Mark Tilling was. Now I know that he is the 7th best chocolatier in the UK.

Is it just cakes?

No it isn’t. They have all kinds of other things. Some still relevant to baking. Some not. There were stalls with bread which my dad and i were most interested in. I am a big fan of focaccia so my dad bought me some to nibble on whilst going around the rest of the stalls. My dad bought some for the family but I wasn’t a big fan of tomato and olive focaccia so i decided to go without. Besides i still had my own focaccia to go through.

Any suggestions?

I suggest you plan your day before you go. Write down a list maybe. Make sure you visit the ones you badly want to visit, because you don’t want to make the same mistake as me. I got there, took a goody bag, looked at the map and hoped I was going to visit everything. I felt sure I missed some, and they could have been the really good ones!

What is your overall rating?

Overall I would easily give this visit a 10/10. A very high benchmark to match for them next year but I’m sure they can do it. If you live in Manchester I would definitely suggest you go in Spring 2014. If not then there’s always London in September.

Be sure to leave your comment on the cake and bake show yourself (if you went!)


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