Tip 2: Having the right equipment and ingredients

I’ve made the mistake so many times before of thinking I’ve got everything but when I go to make it I find we are missing something. Luckily for me though my helpful companions (Mum and Dad) are always happy to help even if it does mean going to the shop (BORING!).

It’s essential, however, that you read the ingredients list properly and make sure you have the right ingredients, because you might not be as lucky as I am with having a shop so close by and so consequently might not be able to make what you want to.

It’s not just ingredients that you need to check. Equipment can be a problem too. A great example is the tin/tray that you’re using. Say, for example, you need a 20.5 cm circle spring clip tin and you only have a square tin or a 16.5 cm circle tin then your cake won’t be right. A good thing to aim for when baking is for your end result to look like the picture in the recipe (if there is one!). So if you the wrong shape or sized tin then you’re not going to end up with the same results.


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