Pudding for dinner with neighbours part 2- Strawberry and champagne jelly

I’ve got to admit to you all that I’m probably the fussiest person you’ve ever met when it comes to food. Consequently my baking is always quite similar as I don’t investigate enough flavours. So when I saw this, I thought why not? I love strawberries and I never knew they worked well with so many things.

Now I must be honest I am quite lazy when it comes to getting all the right ingredients and this time was no exception. I’d forgotten to ask Mum to order some Prosecco and since I’m under 18, I couldn’t go and get it on my own. Of course, like all Mums and Dads do, she nagged the whole way to the shops and the whole way home all about organisation and planning (TheBakerKid tip: I know this is not really a baking tip, but if you’re a child like me and baking, let me make one suggestion. Don’t get on the wrong side of the bosses, mum and dad. You never know when your parents could come in handy! Secretly as well when they go on and on about the same subject, when you’ve done something wrong, we don’t like to admit it, but they’re always right!).

I have tried this jelly quite a few times now but have unfortunately forgotten to take a photo of it so I am very sorry.

The first time I made it the “champagne” (which was actually Cava in the recipe) was way too acid and so spoilt the taste. The second time I tried it with Prosecco and it was much better, so that’s what I am recommending for you to use. Then the third time, when it counted most because this was the one I served up to the neighbours and my parents.   Again it went very well, although the layers didn’t work quite as planned.

Here’s the recipe. This recipe came from the Masterchef book- At Home

Serves 4


4 leaves of gelatine
500ml of Prosecco
50g of caster sugar
About 12-16 fresh strawberries
4 Sundae glasses
A medium sized pan

To make the Jelly, soak the gelatine leaves in cold water for at least 10 minutes to soften. Meanwhile pour the Prosecco into a medium sized pan. Stir in the sugar and heat so that it dissolves but it doesn’t boil. Lift out the gelatine and shake off any excess water before putting into the pan and leaving till dissolved. Take off the heat and leave to cool for 5-10 minutes

Now get your Sundae glasses and pour a small amount (around 30 ml) in each glass. Make sure they are as even as possible and then stick them in the fridge. I would suggest leaving them in the fridge for around 1 hour however if it is not a jelly consistency (this is where you might want some useful help from your parents!) then another half an hour should do the job.

Repeat this exercise only this time add a strawberry that has been cut into quarters. If you do not want your strawberries to float then I suggest adding about 10 ml, leaving to set, and then adding the other 20 ml and leaving to set again. Repeat this exercise a second time, et voila, you are finished. I hope this has helped and you are now able to make your very own jelly!

Good luck


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